It's a remote dream for some professionals, but for Miriam K., a senior developer from Houston, the dream became reality when she finally completed her perfect note-taking system comprised of Zettelkasten-styled interlinked markdown files stored in Org-mode format with two-way conversion on the fly with syncronization across devices through a p2p network with E2E-encryption and backups stored in IPFS, with both native and PWA apps for all major platforms as well as command-line interface with a rich set of zsh autocompletions and keyboard shortcuts.

After many months of building, Miriam started to use her system in full-power mode only to realize that the only information she researches, stores and references is all about building note-taking systems. Moreover, the system, though flexible and extendable, seems to be tuned to store that type of information only. Any other kind of data makes the system unstable and finicky.

Miriam plans to use her system in order to research the field even deeper and build a better note-taking system in the future.