A junior web developer Christopher Abbot-Blank attracted the attention of all his coworkers at Scalable Enterprise Solutions, LLC. Soon enough, the top management was involved. The reason sounds taken from science fiction: Christopher managed to create a website by writing vanilla HTML+CSS in Notepad.

In a week, Christopher was promoted to senior web developer. Soon, the DevOps team was dismantled because, unexpectedly, Christopher's creation did not require as much computing power in production as previously believed.

However, in a tragic series of events, Christopher was soon fired from the company without compensation, and, skipping any trial, was legally declared a witch by the Supreme Court.

"It was like laws of physics do not apply to Christopher," says one of his coworkers who decided to remain anonymous. "I looked at his monitor, and at first thought it's cute, but then he opened the browser and it worked and I felt this deep, existential horror crawling inside of me".

Christopher is currently being treated in a remote coding bootcamp in Colorado.