A comprehensive independent investigation by law enforcement and workers' unions throughout North America concluded that DevOps is a conspiracy by major tech companies. The goal was to save money by transferring the tasks of system administrators and network specialists into the area of responsibility of common software developers. As a result, it also became possible to get rid of expensive sysadmin employees.

Major players such as containerization technology startups and orchestration open source projects were found colluding with the conspirators. The investigation is believed to bring the heads of major tech companies to court, where they will be forced to explain their actions solely in YAML.

"I knew something is wrong when open job positions started to look like descriptions of teams, not single people," says Constantine Immutabee, software developer who spent had burned through his savings for months of self-learning dozens of infrastructure systems.

The situation is worsened by the fact that it is now impossible to find a system administrator in the wild, as the whole class of these knowledge workers is believed to be extinct.