Mountain View, CA—Joojle Inc., known for spawning messaging apps in an uncontrollable fashion, is making major strides in the pursuit to consolidate them. Unexpectedly, the approach chosen by the corporation is to allow various messaging apps connect to each other in a simple, circular fashion.

Joojle Meet can now send outgoing messages to Joojle Duo and enjoy full duplex communication with Joojle Allo as well as Joojle Hangouts, while being able to receive incoming calls from Joojle Allo. Joojle Voice supports two-way communication with Android Messages and Photos Messages, can send messages to Joojle Allo and receive messages from Joojle Hangouts. In the next Beta it will also allow to receive messages from Joojle Duo. Joojle Duo supports full-duplex communication with Photos Messages and Joojle Allo, sending of messages to Joojle Hangouts and Android Messages, as well as aforementioned Joojle Voice while in Beta (the feature is likely to be deprecated upon release). Joojle Allo can talk two ways with Meet and Duo, send voice to Meet and receive voice from Voice.

Interestingly, Android messages can view communication between Meet and Duo and between Voice and Hangouts, but is able to active participate in conversations with Joojle Voice only. Photos Messages can only talk to Voice and Duo, but, luckily, in a full-duplex mode.

The advertising giant released a handy chart to explain the simplification of messaging ecosystem (see above).

Sources inside Joojle, Inc. have a reason to believe that Joojle Meet is about to swap names with Joojle Duo, while Joojle Allo will take Joojle Duo's old logo.