Climate change activist Greta Thunberg sets the main focus for the decade 2020-2030: to dismantle several software technologies that contribute significantly to greenhouse emissions and heat generation. In particular, ElectronJS, blockchain and Docker on macOS.

According to scientists, ElectronJS literally kills a dozen of polar bears every day. Activists urge the UN to propose a legislation which would force vendors to put warning signs on landing pages of software products powered by Electron, akin to warning signs on cigarette boxes.

Blockchain technology, which is used to power cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, generates a lot of excess heat, but, contrary to popular belief, not due to crypto mining, but due to extreme amounts of hype, which increases the body temperatures of hundreds of thousands of crypto bros.

Finally, Docker on macOS. Apple Inc., is doubling down on their efforts to reduce environmental impact. As part of this effort, the new macOS 11 Big Sur and new Apple Computers were designed to detract software developers from the platform, which should reduce the use of Docker on macOS significantly. Several climate activist organizations around the globe applaud Apple's efforts to reduce their power user share – a brave, self-sacrificing decision.