The world of JavaScript is high speed when it comes to updates. The Node Package Management ecosystem now treats packages as abandoned and deprecated as soon as 24 hours is passed since the latest non-breaking commit.

As a result, the authors of popular libraries and frameworks receive an additional incentive to work hard and maintain a full, deep-green graph of activity at Github.

"I see this package updated a 29 days ago and I can't help but wonder: is the author dead or just doesn't give a shit?" says Mofasa Andy Brekafinggs, one of the supporters of the new set of rules.

There are developers who disagree, though. A group of JavaScript engineers from Seattle, WA are asking the management of NPM to reconsider and extend the time-to-abandoned (TTA) from 24 hours to at least 36 hours. Another vocal group is asking whether business days and national holidays should affect TTA.

"It's not like you're commuting to work or flying anywhere," says Mofasa. "With all this time on your hands nowadays you might as well update the stuff you've written. Thousands of corporations depend on your discipline!"