Thanks to new legislation, starting June 3rd, 2020 all software development job interviews in California must include comprehensive testing of proper use of emojis and GIFs in the context of communication in Slack.

"Soft skills are very important. A wrong emoji, an inappropriate gif or, god forbid, a politically incorrect shade of skin of an emoji may negatively affect productivity or even offend our workers," explains Adam Pontyhare, development manager at Nothotdog, Inc.

Coding bootcamps and online courses responded quickly: there is already a number of courses that focus on proper emoji etiquette for developers and GIF/GIPHY picking scheme.

Expectedly, FAANG companies have listed new job openings for Senior Emoji and Gif Coaches, Developer Emoji Trainers and Agile GIPHY Support Specialists. Facebook is expected to lead the race with its recent acquisition of Giphy.

Rumors of insider trading are circulating on the internet as many doubt that Facebook's CEO was not aware of the upcoming legislation when rapidly finishing the purchase of Giphy mere days before the changes to job interviews were legally announced.