Among regular bug fixes and updates, React v16.13.1 silently brings a game-changing feature: TSSR—text server side rendering.

Web pages are, regrettably, still mostly text, a technology which is at least 5200 years old. Traditionally, textual content has been transferred to the client in raw format, as encoded symbols in UTF or another encoding system.

With TSSR it is now possible to pre-render text on the server and send a complete, beautiful and cohesive document to the client. Currently, TSSR generates PDFs, but other formats are possible thanks to flexible API.

"There are a few problems we need to solve before TSSR becomes the norm, for example, when the user makes a selection, we need to transfer these actions to the server in real time and re-generate the document to reflect the highlights," explains the creator of React who insists on not calling him Dan.

Code & Coffee 💭
Web developers worldwide are already thinking of all the possibilities TSSR brings. Photo by Nicole Wolf / Unsplash