A group of scientists have submitted a formal request to tech companies who develop public software products, asking them to stop using the words "science", "hypothesis" and "experiment" when describing the decision making process based on A/B-testing.

A/B-testing is a pseudo-scientific method of satisfying the unhealthy desire of product managers, designers and software engineers to constantly change elements of the user interface, user experience scenarios and source code of the product while justifying this manic behavior with "improvement", "customer satisfaction" and terms like "science", "hypothesis" and "experiment".

The World Bank estimates that A/B-testing had helped to burn through at least 100 billion US dollars in salaries and infrastructure costs, but did help the product managers and software developers from realizing their unhealthy desires elsewhere, for example, in crime or warfare.

Nevertheless, scientists hope that the tech community will refrain from using the purely scientific terms for these purposes.