Years of progress towards a slower web and heavier websites undone Apple M1 ARM-based chip architecture. Web developers worldwide, feeling personally insulted, unite with a common challenge.

The PJSE (Put JavaScript Everywhere) International is planning an emergency meeting on January 2nd at NaN:NaN (Eastern Standard Time). PJSE chairperson comments:

After decades of battles agains the Moore's law and ever increasing efficiency of hardware, web development has been enjoying an implied winner's position for a while now. Web 1, CPU 0. We felt relaxed. Each incremental x86 upgrade wasn't a problem, we could always, always make our websites feel slower, we could always shave another 15 fps off of simple page scroll. But now... we are frankly panicking. It will take months to rebuild everything. Our duty is to the users: we can't allow them to feel disoriented by fast page load times and high frame rates. It's just wrong.

The last time web developers felt such pressure was when SSDs went mainstream and made heavy caching and swapping much faster.