A team of marriage counsellors, divorce attorneys and computer scientists are unable to resolve a tricky situation. Jeremy Monoyd, 37, seemed perfectly happy on his wedding day. However, as soon as newlyweds' papers were processed by the local magistrate, Jeremy could not recognize his wife because her last name no longer matched the "original type I fell in love with".

Jeremy's wife had submitted the application to revert the name change, but some computer scientists are worried that wouldn't work.

"You see, with strongly typed beliefs like that of Jeremy's, the second name change might become a part of the type signature. Meaning, his original wife may as well be completely, irreversibly lost: the original type included lots of properties, and among "sweet" and "caring" and "smart" it included "changed last name 0 times". After the new application is processed, her type will include "change last name 2 times," explains Fiona Sharp, Ph.D.