Cosmologists made an important discovery purely by accident. When an ongoing research into finding dark matter within our solar system was underway, one of the scientists at the National Laboratory of Matter decided to build a single-page application using a popular JavaScript framework. As soon as the project boilerplate was generated and node install process finished, the detectors at NLM reported a local increase in dark matter content.

After days of experimentation, a peer reviewed report concludes that any Node project with at least one external dependency inevitably contains traces of dark matter.

Previously, node_modules was jokingly compared to black holes due to its size and "heaviness" in terms of disk storage. However, not all node_modules folders take up a lot of space, but all of them do take up more space than could be accounted for.

While the traces are minimal, it is still possible to affect the total mass of the computer. NLM researchers advise to delete node_modules folders if you want to decrease the weight of your backpack or luggage, for example.